Traditional versus modern VDR and document management.

Law firms exchange everyday practice and confidential information with clients, partners, and employees through unsafe and clearly unproductive systems. Traditional versus Modern VDR.

Lawyers can access documents through desktop computers, laptops, phones or tablets, always taking an office with them and providing secure access to them. Problem issues due to file size limitations sent by e-mail and version control have been fixed, allowing users to focus on strategies rather than file management issues. K SekDrive is so simple that legal groups can work within minutes, not days, weeks, or months. Contenuti Content Online. You no longer need to worry about USB flash drives or theft of tablets and laptops. High security standards thanks to data encryption; watermarks and digital marking; Access Read-only access without the ability to download and then save.

Secure document management is an increasingly important need for small and large companies and organizations. Situations in which such information is required to be exchanged with external organizations are becoming more numerous and relate to the following areas: In each of these situations, a high degree of security and traceability of information, combined with the ability to share with the outside world, is required.

Investment banking and VDR for the financial sector allows you to safely create and distribute content at all stages of the process, including: Secure scenario exchange, centralized budgets, ghost management, updating agreements and signing contracts. Preview and manage digital assets, recordings, and videos from a single central location. Sharing and managing marketing resources, launching new projects, distributing albums, and safely coordinating the former. Process Create a process to review and approve trailers, movie posters, and final mixes. Secure exchange with affiliates, international distributors and the press.

The online data room guarantees access to folders or individual data. Ease Due to its ease of use and data exchange, this eliminates the problem of sending sensitive data by email. Trace Data Tracking ensures that you are in real time aware of any actions taken with the files. The online data room integrates into existing VDR platforms without having to buy another.

Solutions. Our products, created on the basis of projects developed for large customers, over time have become reference platforms for the national and international market.

Development. With more than 15 years of experience developing applications for large customers, we are a reliable and innovative technology partner, ready to meet any needs. We are always attentive to changes; we use the latest technologies and the most innovative tools. Consulting We want to be a reference partner for our clients, from simple time and materials to outsourcing services, with experience from system and network management to the development of turnkey solutions.

These figures are: the head of the Prevention and Protection Service and the representative for worker safety. The employer must prepare a risk assessment document arising from the type of activity carried out. After assessing the risks, the Employer is obliged to determine the prevention and protection measures necessary to protect the employees involved. Therefore, the employer must prepare a plan for the implementation of prevention and protection measures in order to increase the level of safety over time and ensures the active participation of all those involved in safety, and therefore employees through their representatives, at the territorial, corporate and production level.

The high availability feature of virtualization solutions is a response to business continuity requirements in the event of an incident, such as a hardware failure on one of the physical host servers. In the context of virtualization architecture, high availability provides flexible management of physical resources. This allows you to group the physical resources of a server, such as a processor, memory, network, or storage, according to a logical abstraction called a “resource pool”. This resource pool is monitored in real time by the central manager. If the host server is lost, the resource manager will detect the affected virtual machines and restart them on the available host server. This virtual machine failover, depending on the selected level of functionality of the virtualization solution, can be completely transparent to the user.